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A Page From The Life Of A Newly Wed Indian Bride

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Every day I wake up from my world of dreams with a heavy heart and it is because I am married now.

I am no more that simple, pure and light-hearted girl. The reason is that I am married today and marriage has filled all the hard feelings in me. My so-called marriage, a bond of love is no more a respectful relationship. 

I always knew that when a girl gets married, everyone passes their expectations on her very quickly and the girl misses out on love and respect for her new family in the race of fulfilling their expectations. 

Why is it that only a girl has to meet everyone's expectations? Why not the husband or the in-laws? Are they equipped enough to earn respect and love from her? Who on this earth gave them the right to disrespect a girl and her family?

Would it be wrong if I say, that a home where it’s people do not love and accept their daughter-in-law wholeheartedly, are less worthy to get what they expect?

In several cases, it has been seen that their own daughter faces same marital issues, yet they do not change their thoughts and attitude towards their daughter-in-law and never tries to improve the situations. 

A marriage is sustained, with the silence of the girl who has to bear all the tantrums of the new and so-called “ her family” and gets labeled as a successful marriage. But nobody ever tried to see the scar of such a successful marriage, which leave feelings of rage, anger, and hatred for her new family.

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