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A Short Open Letter On A Story Telling Platform Because Both Of Us Lack The Courage To Face It

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*For representational purpose only.

To ,
The boy who needs to gather some courage,

You claim to be in love with me. But is that true? Do you really love me ? Or is it just that you need me because I don't have the power to hurt you like your Ex did.

Why do you always make me feel like I am a second choice? You flirt with many girls and get distracted but then you tell me that your heart belongs to me. What does that mean ? What am I supposed to feel like?

Ever since I've gotten into a relationship with you , I've made you my priority. While you have taken me for granted . You never made a single effort to introduce me to your friends. I had to do it myself. Let alone friends, you do not even have the courage to flaunt me on your social media . When I tried to get social with our relationship, you asked me to delete all the pictures for some obvious reasons. While you can still post pictures with your Ex girlfriend and your other female friends, you never post a single picture with me. Why is it so?

You know what ? you make me feel like that old piece of clothing which you love to wear in the darkest of your nights and throw it in the trash , the next morning.

From ,
The girl who doesn't have the courage to ask you this.

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