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Dear Desperate Ex Lover: The Day You Asked For Those Pictures, I Should Have Said No Then

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Past,

I'm convinced that you'll never leave me alone
For I've let you reside in me, take a roller coaster ride in my heart.

Dear ex, I'm convinced that you'll never leave me,

You'll never leave my thoughts, stop causing so much pain, stop haunting me. 
We started off as friends,
Sharing our views on our culture, bilateral relationships between your country Pakistan and my country India.
It was all going good until you started playing your tricks — flirting with me, praising my attitude.

You lied so honestly that you loved me from the bottom of your heart,

You wanted to hold my hand till the end of time, wanted to visit every place on earth with me, 
I was foolish, I didn't realize that you were quoting only Bollywood dialogues.
You were Muslim I was Hindu
You were Pakistani I was Indian,
You were 19 I was 15,

Nothing mattered, nothing came to my mind except love when I thought of you,
It was a strange feeling, everything felt like magic and you were my Prince Charming.
When I trusted you and gave the green signal to let our friendship flourish in the garden of love,
You showed me the real side of you.

Flirting was over.
Praising was over.
Liking my attitude was over.
The one who was so concerned about me, my health, my studies, my family, everything, he was lost.

I saw a new person that day...

That person didn't care if I was sick, he wanted only pictures of me, 
He didn't want me to talk to anyone, not even my girl friends,
Only he could flirt with them.

He didn't want me to concentrate on my studies,
He wanted me to chat with him all night despite the fact that I had to go to school everyday
While he happily rested at home in the morning.

He called me a moron when I asked him to concentrate on his studies,
He was thrown out of the college for low attendance.

All of which I digested silently cuz all I wanted was our eternal love and his happiness.
My health wasn't so good, I used to fall sick frequently, I was sleep deprived.
No problem if my jaanu was happy, that was all I wanted.

But this time he wanted my nudes,

When I said no...(click to read what happens next)

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