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God Listens To Us When We Pray Hard And This Is How I Know It

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I am a 34 year old woman with 2 kids. Me and my husband are not together anymore because he is a womaniser and abuser.

For 3 years I was alone and was struggling with so much of debts that my husband took on my name. He destroyed all my golds and savings for his personal use. But still, I loved him so much and never wanted to divorce him.

But one day, I met a 41 year old man and became friends. He was a man that I always adored. Whenever my husband would beat me and abuse me, my friend would always be there to console me and advice me to leave him.

Finally, one day, I prayed hard n I left my husband. I took all my things, and found a lawyer who helped me file for divorce. Slowly, my friend found me a job and changed my life. He settled my debts, without my knowing and he took care of my kids' education too.

Day by day, my love for him started to increase. Till then, we were just friends. But after my divorce was over, he came to see me for a drink. He asked me whether I wanted to get married to him and promised that he would be a good father to my kids.

I was so shocked, because he is a good looking man, single and he has a good career. He has a big family too and different religion too. I was very skeptical, but made up my mind one day to, just say yes to him.

There are good men and souls out there and sometimes when we really pray, god does answer our prayers.

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