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He Held Her When She Needed Him The Most; Only If She Had Known The End- Part 2

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SEVEN. And like this three days passed, Lavanya was not feeling good. She was like if there is an issue at least Kush could have told her once. All these three days he didn’t even call her once and she was waiting for him and his calls or text. Her feelings were moving upside down, she would feel like crying but somehow she managed. She was getting some feeling that something is not good and probably she was aware of it.

She sat down and started writing a letter which was: Kush ….

After four days, she called Kush and luckily he picked up her call and before he said anything she questioned him: Baby, how are you? Hmmm, I will be cooking chicken for you. I hope you are back in the town, can we meet today? Will you be coming to meet me? Kush: Yes baby off course, I am back today morning itself, will come in the evening. Call ended.

In the evening Lavanya cooked Kush's favorite chicken and was waiting for him. Her eyes were continuously staring at the clock, she was listening to every single car sound which was crossing her door. Her face was telling that today she is waiting for something else and she realized Kush opened the main door. The moment Kush entered the room, Lavanya hugged him tightly and they both kissed each other and there was a pin drop silence for one minute.

Kush was looking a bit tired and he was making eye contact with Lavanya. After having dinner when they were walking Lavanya asked one question to Kush. Lavanya: Kush where were you from the last three days, you haven’t contacted me and I was worried about you. Kush: My phone was not working well and (while he was talking his cell phone vibrated, when he checked it, it was his wife calling, he disconnected)..

Lavanya: Who’s calling you? Your wife? Kush: Yes.  Lavanya: Kush is there something you want to tell me? I mean is there something which is bothering you? Kush: No, nothing like that it’s just that I was thinking about the `future how we will do things. Lavanya: Did you have a word with her about the separation like a mutual one?  Kush: It’s not that easy, you will not understand.  Lavanya: I am understanding for the last three years Kush, and I am handling each and everything patiently. But nowadays I am seeing a change in you that you are avoiding my questions. Is this how it will always be? I also have some dreams but now I think only I am existing in this relation. You are somewhere else.

Kush: Look Lavanya I am really tired of your questions. I do not have any answers to these questions. You are mature enough to think about yourself, now I can’t take this. Lavanya: Oh really!! Okay then we should end this out right. You are sounding like you are escaping from this relationship, it’s just that you can’t say it openly.

Kush: yes, I think like this way only as we do not have any future. You know for the last three days I am avoiding you as I don’t want to answer you. I can’t commit to you about when I can take divorce and now the choice is yours. Lavanya: holding her tears while she was staring at Kush like she was aware of this. Kush: now it's late, I am going.

Lavanya: Wait, Kush,( this was the time for Lavanya to hold herself and take a stand for herself which was she wanted that one day Kush will take for her but apparently after all these years again she had been hurt). She stepped towards Kush and handed a letter to him. Kush: I am not going to take anything. Lavanya: this is the last thing I am giving you and thanks for the three years you have taken care of me. Yes you loved me like I thought,  I know my words do not really matter to you but just read it once whenever you miss me,  if you will.

Kush: Lavanya I really love you but try to understand. I am surrounded by many responsibilities. Lavanya: just staring at him and tears roll down from her eyes on her cheek. She didn’t utter a word: She just watched him go. Kush started his car and said Lavanya, take care AND … I AM SORRY!! He left ….

Lavanya was standing there for the next 5 minutes until his car vanished away from her eyes. She went inside and switched off the lights along with her cell phone … 

Kush didn’t read that letter which was for him. He forgot in his daily schedule but one day he was missing her and he just took out that letter and read it. 'Hi Kush! You know you were the best thing that happened in my life as when I got separated I thought men are always like this but then I met you, you changed my thought, you made me live, you held me and most importantly you were always there at my back. I always follow my instinct Kush and when you left for your home for one week I realized that time only, that you cannot leave her because of circumstances or anything, But Why me, you already know how broken I was when I met you and you said you will always be there for me, you will never leave me. I supported you in each and everything which includes booking a dinner table for your family or arranging any other thing for them. But it is easy for you to leave me. I don’t want to be with you forcefully as I loved you. I was the one whose emotions are more important than anything else and you changed everything in me you know. I will pray to god that you will have everything but not love. You will crave for it but you will never find it again... Love you, and will always do.  Yours Lavanya

Kush's daughter called him: papa lets go to the park. Kush folded the letter and kept back.

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