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They Grab Because You Give Them Every Reason To, Dear Woman: I Mean Look At You

( words)
*For representational purpose only.

Hey woman,
Don't wear that dress tonight,
Your legs will cause a serious fight.
Its lack of sleeves will be a cause,
of massive sexual chaos.
That little string that holds your dress,
Will be why, they'll create a mess.

Hey woman,
Don't wear that top,
It's why they cannot make them stop.
Don't you see that little line between your chest?
How will they distinguish their own from rest?
That bulge underneath your top is your fault,

Your breast is the sole reason for assault.

Hey woman,
Don't wear that gown,
It's the reason for everyone's frown.
Don't let your legs show through,
Things unfathomable, you'll have to go through.
That low back is lewd,

Apparently seeing your back, is seeing you nude.

Hey woman,
Don't wear that saree,
Your navel is the reason, things go awry.
Don't wear those traditional blouses,

It's why they can't keep 'em in their trousers.

Showing that much skin is vulgar,
That's why you're like their Turkish bulgar.

Hey woman,
Don't wear that hijab,

Apparently the less they see, the more they want to grab.
Don't wear that burkha,
It can't change the way those jerks are.

Hey woman,
Wear nothing or wear it all;
If the length of your fabric is why they maul,
Wear nothing or wear it all,
Do you really think it will be your downfall?

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