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"It Takes A Village To Raise A Child" - African Proverb

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The Teach For India Fellowship to me is the sum of all the relationships that have lifted me up and helped me grow as an individual throughout my two year journey.

During the initial months of the Fellowship, I found myself struggling in the face of challenges every day. Each challenge seemingly bigger than the previous one. I kept pushing myself beyond my limits and as a result, the journey began to take a toll on my emotional and physical well-being.

However, I was blessed with a team of Fellows who supported me every step of the way. They ensured that I learned the necessary skills and mindsets required to bring about change, no matter how small. They also made sure that my emotional well-being was taken care of and for that, I will always be eternally grateful to them.

My friends who were part of the Fellowship further strengthened my ecosystem of support. Not once did I feel alone even when faced with some of the toughest challenges that life can throw your way as every Fellow in this Fellowship is tremendously empathetic and understanding of each other's experiences. Hearing them share their own stories of struggle and effort inspired me to pick myself up every time I felt I couldn't go on.

Their phenomenal work has pushed me to grow as a Fellow and as a person.

Yes, the Fellowship is tough. Bringing about change in the education sector is even tougher. But the one thing that kept me going were all the beautiful humans that I had the opportunity to work and interact with and the hope that they instilled in me for building a better future for our children.

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