Maybe Some Day You Will Realize How Perfect She Was

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Someday, you realize how deeply she loved you for who you are. How she used to make you chuckle, smile and laugh until you had tears in your bright eyes, which now are dull and lifeless without her presence in your life. Today you lost all the hope in your life. Once upon a time, she was there with you to conquer your negative thoughts. She made sure that you feel good always.

Do you remember the words she spoke to you? Even in the silence, she used to speak to you in a thousand different ways. Once she said 'You are the star in my eyes' And today when you look up at the sky, all the stars remind you of her and the words that she spoke with so much of love in enthusiastic voice with you.

Maybe, someday you realize how perfect she was. One day, you may realise that she truly cared for you, loved you and only you. You were the only one, she talked to all day long, yet she longed to hear your voice, missed you always. She refused to give up on you. When you asked her to move on, she cried and cried until there were no tears left in her eyes. Oh! Why did you do that? No matter how much you pushed her away, she always came back to you. No, it's not because she was weak. Not because of any reasons which you thought then. But for the reasons which you probably think of today. And now, it's too late.

Do you remember all the words she spoke and the things that she has done for you? How good she really was! To be honest, there was nothing wrong with her. She only loved you more. More and more with each passing moment of her life. Do you know how much she always believed in you? Oh, she did, more than you could ever possibly understand. She never asked you for anything. You always heard her saying 'I have you and that's enough for me. Her eyes got all excited to see you, her voice sent shivers down to your spine. Though you were the most annoying person at times, you were adored the most by her. She said corny things and that made you smile for a while.

Yes, she got mad at you, a lot! But now, you realised that she was only worried. She told you about her day in detail, she talked to you for hours, she spoke to you about many things, about her favourite book for a minute and then, how boring her day really was without you. She was always there for you, all the time so you don't forget how much you mean to her.

Sadly, one day you forgot - many things! The little things that she did for you with broad smiles. She is the light that leads and an anger that forgives. She waited for you to talk when you were busy, Yes, maybe she had hurt you a little with her words or by avoiding you for an hour. But you know, right? She cared! Many times, she went to sleep sick to her stomach and cried all night. On the following day, she messaged you first as always but there was some change in her behaviour.

She said nothing to you but you understood. Emojis were missing next to her texts. You knew how crazily she loved that cute hairless emojis. You were the only one that made everything better in her life. But one day, you left! You wanted to escape; you stopped saying the things that mattered the most for her. Those were required and needed on the worst days

 She longed to hear those three words from you every single day. But you said nothing. You lost all the interest, all of a sudden or maybe slowly. No, you were not avoiding her or said 'I hate you' but there was something missing which she knew. She was the only person who knew you, the real you, your secrets and the worst side of you. Yet she didn't leave you. She never wanted to.

Minutes, hours and days passed by. You stopped expressing your feelings, stopped talking about your day with her, or maybe there was no love to express and nothing to share. Why did you change yourself? Was it for your good? You left her alone, many times! She was bored. She was depressed. But it was all okay. She managed, she forgave you always. But never in her wildest of dreams had she thought that you would leave her alone, forever!

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, she always said sorry, she talked to you, she discussed, she cried, she changed herself, she made you right when you were not, she helped you every time. When you needed her the most, she was always there for you. She made you smile broadly when you were feeling worst. You were a very different guy; you were not a bit closer to her in many things. She had her own favourite colours, her own favourite TV shows, and her own life. And then you came into her life. You changed everything. So much has changed in her life.

Her favourite colour has changed, she started loving all the things you love the most on this earth. She never expected to fall in love with you. But as days passed by she raised in love with you only to fall again. Yes, there were days, when she called you and you did not pick the call; one day, when you were ill, she wasn't there to take care of you; most of the nights, when she cried until her eyes were empty, you were not there to give your shoulder and wipe her tears.

Didn't she give you the best in life? Just think, think about her for a while! You will realise so many things that she did for you. She changed you, got the best out of you, she always understood you, if not always then yes, most of the times she did and you realise it someday. Maybe, you did. She is 'A Rare Soul', which you realised once she left. People like her are difficult to find. Hold on to them! If you have someone like her, cherish and never let them go. Don't take them for granted. Love, love from the bottom of your heart!


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