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Not All Who Elope For Love, Regret Later, And My Story Is Proof Of That

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Hi friends!

I have read a lot of stories on akkarbakkar and so I am here to share the story of my love life.                 

Being born as the youngest girl in the family, I was my father's pet. He was my role model and good friend.

I met the love of my life once I finished my schooling. We both belong to a different caste and religion. Moreover,  he is not well educated.  He is a year older than me. I did my college in a different place.

We were happy in a long distance relationship but I crossed all boundaries and we eloped to get married.

It has been six years since we got married and I am a mother of two. But still, my parents refuse to talk to me. But, I am married to a loveable person who respects women. He plays the role of a father and mother in my life.

Especially during my second delivery, when I had to undergo a C section, he stood by me and took care of me, more like a mother.

 I just want to say to my parents that I am happy and still miss them. I also want to thank my hubby cum guardian angel!

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