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Dear Mira Haters: She's Shahid Kapoor's Wife And She's CHOOSING To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Great Somebody,

After the 5th post for Mira Rajput bashing went online, somebody has to put on some big pants to put this nonsense to rest.

1. You can attack a principle, an idea or a thought but when you resort to person bashing, that goes below the belt.

2. No matter what our qualification or what job title we hold, when we don't know how to behave in a civilized manner we fail to be a decent human being.

3. Even if Mira wasn't born with a silver spoon or married to Shahid Kapoor, she might have taken this same path. People with principles stick to their principles. It's a CHOICE. It's a MATTER of what really MATTERS to a person.

If she doesn't want to see her baby for only a few hours a day, it's her choice! HER CHOICE!

4. Take care of other children and you get applauded as Mother Teresa but take care of your own child, they call you as NOBODY. Hilarious! If only everybody does what the NOBODY does, there won't be need for a Mother Teresa to open their arms for other children.

Sad to see it's these same mothers that slammed Indra Nooyi when she gave her interview.

If you don't like something, ignore it. Why don't we just ignore stay-at-home mom interviews altogether instead of getting overly worked up over nothing? Trust us, we do the exact same thing when we see your interviews or if we feel your parenting techniques are different from ours.

5. If you were Shahid Kapoor's wife, you'd quit your job and take care of your child 24*7? What will happen to your worth, won't you become another nobody? We applaud your courage to be following your desires but in the process, can we behave like a decent human being?

People who tag a person 'worthless' because she has a different opinion or a different way of life are the ones who'll turn racist because someone looks different from them.

No I'm not a celeb or silver spooned. Just another so-called nobody who things that this drama was unnecessary. I'll take being a NOBODY any day than being a CRUEL SOMEBODY.

Dear Mira,

We love you girl. You are a sensible young confident women. Don't let anybody squash your voice because they think differently from you. We got your back. Worth is measured in how much you are loved by your loved ones not by just great achievements.

Yours sincerely,
Nobody. (Somebody's loved daughter, somebody's cherished wife and somebody's irreplaceable mom.)

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