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Dear Society, I Am A Girl And Your Rules For Me Are Not Okay With Me. I Object!

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*For representational purpose only.

Don't raise your voice, don't laugh that loud, don't go out late, don't express yourself too much- weren't these things enough for a girl to be objectified that we even gave her a dress code?

A dress code that defines the code of her conduct, a dress code that is more important than most of the things she does, in a environment where we live today, we are exposed to the do's and don'ts for a girl before we inhale fresh air.

We as girls have no problem wearing a saree or a suit but if we choose to wear jeans or skirts, probably we are just more comfortable with it and not an attention seeker. There is a dress code for girls in the professional world too wear a saree if you are a teacher, wear pants if you are in office and so on....

Well, we do understand that there is always a way to present yourself in the outer world and we are mature enough to carry ourselves with decency and according to the environment but we object when you tell us that 4 inch difference is saree is more decent than a jeans and top.

We object when you tell us that wearing a skirt means you are craving attention. We object when u tell us that high heels make our walk provoking. We object when you tell us that our red lipstick is the centre of attraction. We object when you tell us that short and coloured hair make you come across as a rebel and we also object when u tell us how to sit, walk, talk, laugh.

Yes we do object when u make us the object giving us a dress code!

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