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Every Woman Who Loves Wearing A Sari: Read This

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It's quite interesting to see how a 6-yard piece of clothing known as a SAREE has completely changed its meaning in so many years. The trend has stayed since the beginning of time, only the purpose has changed. 

Gone are the days when Indian women used to wear a saree daily because that was the tradition. Even small girls aged 5 or 6 used to wear it everyday. I am talking about the British era in India or maybe even before that. At that time, saree was considered as a daily wear and moreover a symbol of patriotism as the Indians were boycotting western methods and attire.

Now in the twenty first century, our traditional piece of clothing, a saree, has a totally different meaning. From 6 yards of elegance, tradition, grace and beauty, it has transitioned to 6 yards of joy, happiness and excitement. It's a feeling today and not a rule. 

Whenever a father sees his daughter for the first time in a saree, there are mixed emotions coming to his head. He feels happy that his daughter is growing up to be a 'well-mannered' girl who values traditions but at the same time, he gets emotional thinking that one day she will get married and go away from him.

I remember the first time I wore a saree, my father was not able to recognize me and then he went like, "Awwwww……. mera beta."

For couples whenever there is a special occasion, women are always excited to wear a saree, thinking that her husband would be very happy to see her. He will appreciate her beauty and it does happen. All husbands feel more romantic (due to a sudden adrenaline rush) and they seriously admire the beauty of their wives. The result is that the wives are re-assured that they still have the charm to make anyone go weak in the knees.

In corporate events where you have to wear ethnic, girls feel like they're on top of the world wearing a saree. It is followed by a series of photos with the main objective of capturing a good profile picture for Facebook. 

So the point is — aside from standup comedians, laughter clubs, TV sitcoms or any comedy movie, our very own 6-yard invention also brings a smile to many faces across the world. 

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