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From An Indian Man To The Woman Of This Country- Don't Spare Us, We Don't Deserve You

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*For representational purpose only.

RAPE: Everytime I think I understand how bad the situation is for women, it just keeps getting worse than I imagined. Stats are very disturbing. They are doing it(rape) because they can, and they think they will easily get away with it. There’s no fear of punishment. Situation is only getting worse. Better toh dhoor ki baat hai.

Is jail solution to every problem, irrespective of the severity of the incident? I don’t think it is. Incidents like molestation, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, rapes, acid attacks demand a lot more. There should be a torturous punishment. Fear should be borne in them.

Punishments should be somewhat like, hit them on their genitals with rods just like in the opening scene of Sarkar movie. F*#k their asses with a rod. Pouring some hot fluid on their genitals. Attack their lower body with acid. Molest their genitals with thorns. Pain should be felt. Fear must rise.

I am at a stage where I can’t sit through a movie which showcases women torture, assault or rape scenes. It just creates a shiver in my body right from the scene leading to it. I close my eyes and my whole body gets folded in the seat in the theatre where I can’t skip or forward the scene.

Sometimes, I just think of murdering these kind of people and going to jail is completely worth it. Maybe someday. It’s so hard to think rationally in these kind of incidents. And I am not sorry for my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t know what to do with these feelings. I feel frustrated by myself not being able to do anything about these incidents and on people who are capable of doing something and not doing anything. I also feel frustrated that all I can do is write this article. It’s not even safe for women at home. Not in pubic transport, not even when sick and in an ambulance?

We are in a world where it’s become tough for women to even trust a boy...to trust a man is out of question. You(women) just can’t wait for us (men) to change. That would be the stupidest thing. Don’t go Mahatma Gandhi’s way. Peace is not the answer.

It’s so unfair the way we look at you, the way we think about you, the things we do to you, the things we think about doing to you, the words we say to you, the hurt we cause you. Do something about it. Do the real work. You shouldn’t spare us. We as a nation have failed you. We are failing you. We will keep failing you.

I am searching for hope. It’s so difficult to find it. The climax of HIGHWAY movie felt kinda liberating where Alia opens up and shouts at the person who assaulted her as a child. The word sensibility hit me hard. We should not be sensible about it. We should not be rational about it. Being like that may change the situation when the whole nation of 135 crores people think sensibly and rationally which is very unlikely.

So we should not think rationally in these situations like what made them do these things(rape, assault, abuse) ?? What’s their mindset??Any answer to these questions will not change the fact that they have done a terrible thing and a child/girl/woman has suffered to a great extent.

We have to force the government to do something about the law but in a democratic country like us it’s very unlikely for those kind of things to happen I guess.

With the recent Hathras incident, it’s like watching Article 15 movie all over again. A dialogue from the movie: Ayushmann to Nasser: Yes sir Yes sir ki jagah ek baar agar NO bol diya hota toh yeh haalat nahi hogi. Zyaada se Zyaada kya hoga?? Aapki hathya ho jayegi na. Who toh kahi saal pehle ho chuki thi.

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