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If There Is One Thing You Can Give Your Children, Give What My Father Did

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Life comes a full circle. I love you Dad!

"Tell your parents to get you pretty dresses, and some gold to wear. You are a grown up college girl Barkha" , said my best friend's mother once more on my visit to their mansion. Making fun of my humble background.

Vandita belonged to a big business family and was my best friend from school. Every visit to her house would leave me awe struck with the gadgets, expensive apparels and things galore at display in the big mansion. The fancy food they offered and how the parents were cool about their only son and darling daughter not doing great academically. They had a big business to fall back upon.

I would often come back home, full of riches stories and wonder why I was born in a mediocre service class family ? Why my parents couldn't be like Vandita's. They would cut corners to buy me any books I asked for. Rest everything was a waste for them- dresses, jewellery, shoes, fancy restaurants, everything a growing girl likes to have.

"You get educated, become something and one day you will reply back to the world, your friend's mom included",  said my Dad seeing me in tears of humiliation one day.

So, the middle class girl got higher education, struggled, joined corporate, lived in different cities and made a name for herself- affording all and more that was once a deprivation in childhood. The business heiress got married to a business heir at a tender age and the paths of friends crossed when I visited my hometown after 14 years.

"Vandita, why do you look dull and unhappy? What's wrong with your luxurious life?" I asked. "Nothing dear. I envy you for the good education and financial independence you got. My parents hit low times, business failed, brother never knew how to earn and do hard work so can you find him a job, as you are in HR and also lend me some money as I can't freely ask my husband. Please understand, I need help desperately" she pleaded.

"Vandita take this money and return when possible. I will try to find something for your brother and tell your Mom I remembered her and her delicious cooking and advise from childhood" I replied.

I love you Dad. Thanks for pushing my boundaries, putting me on the right path, being the wind beneath my wings and yes life does come a full circle.

As parents as mentors, let's give right values and education to our children. Yes, daughters need education and financial independence. Don't only look at them happily married at an early age as life does come a full circle.

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