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Why Do Parents Only Focus On Getting Their Children Married And Not On Showing Them A Good Marriage

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I never want to get married, but my parents want their child to get married and settled in life.

For me getting married is insane. When I was a child, I have seen my mother get tortured by her husband. She always sacrificed in her life, made her self adjustable in an unadjustable environment, suffered all the pain and troubles bravely.

In this male dominated society, women have no right to live happily without the permission of their husband and in laws. She would never get permission to visit her mother's place or to call them, and if she by mistake would meet them or talk to them, then she needed to give all the details to him.

If ever she wanted to do anything of her interest, she first had to give details. Once, I remember Maa was beaten by my father for just a small reason and this thing continued for many years.

Today, I have decided not to get married just because my father tortured my Maa for the whole of her life till now, and I don't want to have a life like my Maa... Or husband like him.

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