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A Last Letter To My Married Ex: Please Don't Expect Us To Meet Again

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*For representational purpose only.

We met eight years ago with the adolescence at its most innocent best. When I didn't know what love was, I met him. It wasn't love at first sight but it was compatibility. Comfort level and on top of all of it, a best friend. Our friendship took a turn of love. Why we thought it was love is because we were so comfortable with each other and more than that, we were comfortable in our own skins in front of each other. With time it only grew.

While I was a little slow in falling in love, it was him who was persistent and in love with me madly.

Three years later, something happened in my life. I needed someone very badly to love me, to make me feel secure. And then he was there with his arms wide open to help me in any way he could. He pulled me out of my anxiety. He faced the world for me. He did everything to make me feel secure. to which I owe him for a lifetime.

Slowly it all vanished. My confidence started coming back. As we grew as adults we realised that we wanted different things in life.

The girl he was in love with initially, who was intelligent, smart, independent, were now the reasons he couldn't stand her anymore.

For me, I was very clear. I didn't want to convert for him to marry him. I didn't want to change my identity for him. From the very start, I was very clear. Then all of a sudden he started blaming me. He started behaving like a client trying to negotiate, who blames you for every wrong thing that has happened so that he can win the deal or break the deal?

Why couldn't he bear me any longer? Why did he start treating me like s*** when all I had asked was commitment and my own identity? Why his family's choice became so important that after being in a relationship for six long years, he started looking for options?

On top of all of this, he judged me. He judged me as a person so much that I felt uncomfortable being myself around him. The girl he was so in love with was now his annoying girlfriend.

Fortunately, my dead self-respect came back to life suddenly and I texted him to never get in touch with me again, to which his reply was "ok". That's how it ended.

Today, after more than a year of our breakup, he got married. He keeps blocking and unblocking me on Facebook, probably waiting for my reaction. When he doesn't get a reaction, he shouts in his head (I know him that well).

"Screw you, I have a wife now who is of my religion, I can take her for my family gatherings and show off, you stay alone!"

So my loving boyfriend (ex),

I just want to tell you one thing. Please get a life and at least try and love your wife, for she is going to spend the rest of her life with you. She deserves your attention.

Please don't wait for my reaction. Please don't expect us to meet again. I am your past and maybe this is the last thing I want to say to you.

Stay in peace. About me, I was never short of people in my life then. I am not short of people in my life now.

Stay Blessed. 

With love (yes)

Your Ex.

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