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Between His Ex And His Fiancée, He Had Me Believe That I Was Special

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I was a happy, cheerful and bubbly girl. I had only two friends and I loved them a lot. One day, my best friend introduced me to a boy. He was very handsome and had attractive brown eyes.

He had a dark past. But in the very first meeting, he told me everything related to his past.  I felt bad for him. I knew about his past now. But somehow I still thought he was a nice guy.

So we started talking more often. We started spending more time together. After a while, we shared an extremely strong bond with each other. Suddenly a childish girl like me who had never thought of settling down with a guy started thinking about getting married, having kids and a family. We both often discussed our future together and even decided the names of our babies.

But now, both my best friends suddenly vanished from my life. They tried to stop me from becoming too close to him so soon but I was blinded by love. I could only think of him, our future and our families. I ignored them and eventually they drifted away from me.

I was so much in love with him that my days started with him and ended with his phone calls. I lived 70 km away from him but he always managed to meet me at least once in a week. We spent hours on video calls.

He was scared of losing me. He openly spoke about his feelings for me. He cried at the very thought that he might lose me some day. I was always confident that I would be with him forever.

One day, he said that his parents were insisting that he get married. He said he couldn’t say ‘No’ to them because his dad was suffering from Hepatitis C.

He said he couldn’t hurt them because he was their only hope.

I was shattered and did not know how to react. I was numb and begged him to stay. He too was shattered and it looked like he too did not want this to happen. He was going to get married to a girl from Ludhiana. The dates were not yet decided.

He promised me that once his dad recovered, he would back off from the marriage.

He said that until then he was going to avoid talking about anything related to his marriage. I felt more confident about him again.

He was living in Chandigarh at that time. Fortunately, I too got a job over there. We were very happy because we could now be there together. I shifted to Chandigarh.

We stayed together for 10 days until he found a good and a safe PG for me. It was just 500m away from his flat.

We met every day and had our dinner together. He dropped me at my office and picked me up quite often.

But something was not right. His behaviour had started changing. I felt he was not interested in me anymore.

He would get irritated very quickly over small things. We were fighting more frequently every day. He started hiding his phone. He would ask me to sleep at 11 p.m. and be on WhatsApp till 3 in the morning.

Things were not normal but he somehow managed to convince me every time. He said that I was just over thinking such things.

We would spend the nights together and make love. He pampered me a lot and I loved cooking for him. It was beautiful.

We almost forgot that he was supposed to get married to someone else. One day he broke the news to me. He said that his wedding date had been fixed. It was just 22 days away. I was in my PG that day.

I broke down and cried like hell. I begged him repeatedly and asked him to take a stand for our relationship. But he did not.

I handed over my resignation letter the very next day and returned to Patiala. We talked on the phone and he cried a lot for me. Those 22 days were like hell for both of us because we were crying and yearning to be with each other forever. I called up his elder brother and begged him to do something for us. I begged his friends and asked them to do something.

But finally, the day came. He got married.

My heart was the heaviest on that day. It was the worst day that I had spent in my life so far. It was hard to breathe. I just lay down on my bed and cried my heart out. I spent my time browsing through our photos.

He blocked me the same day.
Then something even more shocking happened. His best friend called me the other day and told me unbelievable things about him.

My lover had been cheating me right from the very beginning. He would stay with his ex-girlfriend in her flat. He was still in a live-in relationship with her. He had lied to me throughout. He had shifted to a new flat on the day I had arrived in Chandigarh.

He would meet the girl he was going to marry when I was in the office. In fact, he had been with 3 girls at the same time. His ex-girlfriend would visit him in the night in his new flat while I slept in my PG with his memories.

It’s been a month since he got married. His thoughts still haunt me at night. It is still hard to sleep with the thought that he is sleeping with someone else right now. I loved him so much but he broke my trust. I still get anxiety attacks at night whenever I see our photographs.

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