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Goodbye My Magician: From A Mother And Your Wife

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Hi I am Simran! As she fondly calls me due to my frequent travelling to my hometown. And this Simran is very filmy so 😊 “ja Simran ja jee le apne zindagi!!“

Enters Raj- the magician in Simran’s life. But this Raj is not from DDLJ. With his entry there has been a massive shift in Simran’s life. From just being a wife, mother, and a daughter-in-law to being MYSELF.

He is my magician, my teacher, my guide, my mentor.

The initial conversations were limited only to support in job hunting, but now it’s been a year that we have been very good friends. Day starts with his morning wish and day ends with me wishing him good night.

It’s often said that with some people, you need a lifetime to feel connected, but with some it’s just the instant hit. Same was with my magician.

“Was” as the role of being a wife has taken over the role of “friendship”. Though nobody is at fault here, but I could be as I am unable to make the balance between the two relations. So to strike out the balance, I would have to strike out one relationship.

So my dear magician, thank you for giving me so many smiles, for the endless talks, the courage to believe in myself and most importantly, for teaching me how to live in the moment. This one year as a moment is there to rejoice for the lifetime.

Wish I could say “It was pleasure being friends with you”. Goodbye from a mother and a wife. 

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