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Here I Am On My Journey To Make A Difference

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I got into social work when I was pretty young because I grew up hearing my father's stories about how he devoted his life to our country, and I wanted to do something to help our society. I've always been drawn to selfless work and serving others, spreading hope. When I was 12, I used to go to centres for leprosy patients and rescue dogs.

I was always determined to make a difference in our world. I couldn't stand by and watch others suffer in quiet. Life's traumatic experiences have taught me the value of empathy.
I wanted to be the voice for all those shattered dreams, and as an activist, I got to help others heal. I am fortunate enough to be living my dream, and I am thankful for it.

For children and women, I started campaigns such as Azad Pankh, Badlaav, and Log Kya Kahengey. Azad Pankh concentrates on educating underprivileged children; after registering my NGO, I taught from 15 to 300 children in the first year. The NGO's 'Badlaav' campaign strives to provide education, rations, clothing, and other necessities to prevent mothers and children from resorting to begging.

It also offers anti-drug counselling to women and an anti-trafficking team, medical assistance, and other services. The 'Badlaav' campaign aims to change a perspective, one in which sustainability and strength go hand in hand. A campaign that helps people live a healthy and sustainable life by preventing regression and promoting progression at all levels. On the other hand, 'Log Kya Kahengey' is about social injustice against women.

I used to work at an orphanage and met a baby girl who had special needs. She is a person who interacts nonverbally and is deaf; that one year with that child prepared me for motherhood.
As an unmarried single mother, I have adopted a baby girl, and I am a sponsor mom to four children. Adoption is a beautiful way to complete your family. I've always wanted to be a mother and nurture my children. It was the most cherished dream I ever had, and by the grace of God, I am now a mother!
The honour of being named Mumma is the most beautiful gift I've ever received.
I wanted to break free from society's constraints and pursue what nourished my soul. We are so hooked on genetic links as a society that we believe only genes can carry on our heritage. That, however, is not the case. Why are there so many nursing homes today if blood relations are ideal?

A mother and child bond, whether biological or adopted, is pure, and we must eliminate the stigma associated with adoption. Adoption is a wonderful experience. And I often tell my daughter that you are my soul's child.

As an activist, you need to be the one to offer solutions, improve the world around you, and help others in their development. I've worked on instances including domestic abuse, female infanticide, sexual assault, and human trafficking. It's difficult, but I'm committed to improving things for women because I've had many problems in my life.

I worked with several international NGOs and arranged a dance camp for them. I'm in charge of their education and medical care. I try to develop their skills and encourage them to advance in their chosen field. And, as a mother's duty, I love my children.

Education, in my opinion, is the most effective weapon. Through education and life skills, I have impacted the lives of over 1000 people. Typing, coaching, sewing, and defence classes are all available. We also teach our children about LGBTQIA+ rights. We hold workshops and street performances and social media, live sessions, and health camps to increase awareness.

We teach our children about a gender-neutral world. Raise them all the same, no pink or blue, just what they want. Teach them to own and embrace their truth wholeheartedly. Teach children the value of mental wellness from a young age. Teach them how to prioritise their own needs.

I'm putting together a team of mental health professionals who will aid people. I have volunteers who are lawyers and help women get out of difficult situations and fight for what is right. They assist them in standing up for themselves.

I'm also developing a model for working with the trans community in my city.

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