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I am grateful for my patches-filled life.

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The patches first showed while I was in fourth grade.
It was a little bit concerning, so we visited multiple doctors, and practically all of them indicated it was due to a calcium deficiency. So we assumed it was just that. Time went on when our family doctor referred me to another doctor, who diagnosed it as vitiligo. We then began my vitiligo treatment almost immediately. It lasted nearly four years, and the process required the use of 'betnesol forte' (a steroid), which affected my health negatively. I was previously underweight, but due to the treatment, I developed facial swelling and gained an abnormal amount of weight.

When my four-year treatment came to an end, I was overjoyed, and the fact that I didn't have to go to the doctor brought me all the joy in the world. It was a long process, and I got sick of visiting the doctor every few days. But, after all these years, I was cured, except for one patch on my knuckles.

Unfortunately, the good days were short-lived.
I saw two circular bald patches on my head while in the tenth grade. The same doctor who had treated me previously advised me that I would have to undergo yet another procedure that would involve steroids, which I strongly opposed. As a result, he recommended leaving the patches alone.

I had to deal with terrible acne on my neck that year. My acne problems worsened significantly in 2020, and after tests, I was diagnosed with severe acne, PCOD, and alopecia. These illnesses were primarily caused by the side effects of my previous medication. My level of confidence plummeted. I was constantly worrying about everything and had several heartwrenching nervous breakdowns.

Fortunately, my acne has cleared up, giving me a joyful push to concentrate on myself more. Although I'm still undergoing treatment for my advancing alopecia, by managing my diet and exercising, I was able to lose a significant amount of weight.

During the lockdown, I realised a lot of things, including the need for self-care. You must do what you love no matter what others say or think of you.

Problems will try to derail your progress in life, but you must remain strong and confident.
I am thankful for the life I have, and it is this gratitude that keeps me going.

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