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I Tried To Fall In Love Outside Of My Failed Marriage And I Got Punished For It

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When I was growing up, I was told that marriage is a beautiful institution. But the same is not the case with me. I have a failed marriage. I was made an emotional fool in love. And here’s my story, in detail.

I got married a few years ago. In the beginning for around two years, I had a decent married life. My husband loved me and took care of me. He used to respect me. But things didn’t remain the same for long.

We lived in a joint family after our marriage. My mother-in-law didn’t like me at all and so she left no stones unturned to create problems between me and my husband. She got all the cheap tricks she could.

My mother-in-law was greedy. She only wanted money and in this greed of hers she even forgot about her son’s happiness. And how could she not succeed? After all my husband was her son. He had to take his mother's side. I don’t blame my husband but I wish he had trusted and understood me. He stopped caring about me. His focus was his family. There used to be times when I was left all alone in the house for hours, doing nothing. I couldn’t stop thinking why did this to me and how could my husband change.

My husband stopped loving me way before I did. He continued supporting his family in all matters and I was left with no option but to bear all the pain. He was unaware of the fact that I didn’t love him anymore and he fought with me on every small thing.

If you think that this was the end to my sufferings, then it wasn’t. A lot was left to come. I met this guy who knew about my situation and all the pain I was going through. He gave me all the love I was deprived of. He took care of me like a princess. I started trusting him blindly. I thought that he was the person who take care of me for life.

I was ready to sacrifice my entire life for him and I did as well. I loved him as if he was my husband.

This guy used me for money for the next 3 years. I didn’t have a clue about it. Now he has left me because his marriage is fixed with some other girl in August. I begged him to come back to me but he didn’t. He said that he cannot leave his fiancé and he cannot risk his future for me. He took advantage of my situation. He knew that I needed somebody and thus he fooled me. Even he left me in the middle of nowhere. He was my support system. I was dependent upon him completely. 

But he turned out to be just like any other man. Greedy, selfish.

But what about me? I still remember the beautiful times that we had spent together. The sacrifice that I had made just for him, he doesn’t even care about it anymore. My heart breaks whenever I think of how he cheated on me and how he is now with someone else.

I feel like a piece of paper, just used and thrown away. I cry myself to bed every night. There is nobody to look after me. There is no one to whom I actually matter. I don’t have parents, siblings or any other relatives who can take care of me. I am emotionally bruised.

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