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My Parents Beat Me Up When I Told Them I Wanted To Marry The Guy Of My Choice

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My story begins with when I started my pathology course. I am a doctor and I belong to a political family. Being a girl with a political family background, I excelled at studies.

I had a boyfriend while doing my MBBS and he was an engineer. We dated for 5 years and then the time arrived when I had to tell my family about us. I told my parents and they were very upset with my relationship. They got so aggressive that they beat me up for 5 hours and said disgusting things about me.

I couldn't do anything; they said it was justified because it was their way of letting out anger. After that my whole life changed. I was kept in my house for 2 years and I was being watched 24/7 by my mom. That guy never tried to contact me again. So I swore I would never love anyone.

But then I met this guy in my post graduation course. He was a bihari, a doctor and looked cute. He was a big player, he didn’t even have a count of the number of girls he had slept with. Yet, we became friends and I fell head over heels in love with him.

He was very different from other guys. He pulled me out of depression. He loved me; he never said it but always showed it. I knew him inside out. He had to go back to his hometown Patna but even from there he stayed in touch with me.

I never asked him what I meant to him but it was very evident. After a year, he asked me out for a marriage. So the next step was to tell at home. I told my parents despite of everything that had happened in the past. My dad tried to strangle me to death after hearing what I had to say.

When I told all of this to the guy, he backed out. He said he can’t put himself or his family through all of this.

Why did I go through all of this all over again? Is it justified to beat your 30 year old kid in the name of love? When is society going to change?.

Now they are getting me married to another guy from our caste. He is nice but I can’t get over this situation. Will I ever come out of it? Will I be able to give my love to my future husband?

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