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This Is How I Chose To Be Better And Not Bitter After My Divorce

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Not that it’s something uncommon nowadays (which I thought until it happened to me).


I was living a fairy tale marriage until my man fell for a woman as old as our daughter. 

My good wishes for him, because it turned out the best for me or may be the best in me.

Friends, whenever a bad patch hits us (no one has escaped it till date by the way); every individual has a choice to make: to become bitter or better. Though it’s quite a tough choice one makes with the loads of episodes that occur during the bad patch! Unknown and all sorts of people who enter and exit your life suddenly make it really dramatic. The carrying of tales, gossip, grapevine and adding the unnecessary spice. Let me assure you, it’s normal.

While on my solo journey to reinvent myself, life made me revisit the same lanes, meet the same people I had left behind like my parents, my childhood friends, my college buddies, my colleagues at previous workplaces, my teachers, my loving students and many souls whom I met again.

I had always heard that when you hit your lowest, you meet the same people again and come across the same situations and that life gives you another chance to see your past karma and make it better.

This was my chance. I am glad I got one.

To my surprise, whoever I met again, welcomed me and showered me with unconditional love, warmth, help, care and opportunities; opportunities to become a better human being. Each one reminded me of the love or help I had extended to them when they needed it the most. By the way, I hadn’t helped anyone because I wanted to; I had helped because I could. Yes there is a difference and I realised it when I was at my lowest.

The bad patch seemed to get better and it didn’t turn out to be that harsh because now I was surrounded by a bunch of people who genuinely love me, check on my well being, spend some amazing time with me, bring out the best in me , appreciate me, and respect my ME time!

As a result, I have gotten over the betrayal and seem to enjoy co parenting our child. Of course my life is richer and fuller as my help to other souls continues, now not because I can but because I want to.

Yes friends!

I made a choice- to be better and not bitter. And God seems to be happy with me because I have gotten opportunities to help people who were judgmental towards me, who have been mean and rude to me in the past. The look in their eyes after receiving help is very gratifying. Kindness is the strongest weapon indeed.

Life is precious. Whenever in self doubt; remind yourself ‘This too shall pass’. And keep upgrading the best version of You!

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