We Are Triplets But I Am Alone In My Fight Against Our Harsh Society

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Hello everyone, I'm Preeti and here is my story. I was born into a middle-class Hindu family. My birth was considered an exception as I was born with my 2 brothers. We are triplets. And from there began my journey. I started going to school and I realised that the world is full of rat races. To begin with, I had 2 competitors and they were my brothers. They were literally not my competitors but society made them.

I had always been a bit lethargic and less intelligent, so I always scored somewhere between 70s and 80s, whereas my brothers were always the toppers of the class.

Throughout my 14 years of schooling, I have heard 2 things - first, look at your brothers, and second, be like them. There was no place for my identity, for my sense of self. I wish I had someone to express my innermost desires to, because my parents were too busy handling the household responsibilities that come with having a big family and at the same time taking care of our physical needs.

They really did not get the time to speak to me and my brothers as our friends.

Moreover, to make things even worse, I never had friends too. Why? because I was born handicapped and till the age of 12, I lived the life of a handicapped person in a normal school where there was no place for me and so I was totally abandoned by my peers. It took me very long to overcome the feeling of being abandoned. Then came another chapter of my life, I changed my school when I was in the ninth class and it was time when I abandoned people. The years from 2009 to 2012 were the most critical years of my life and I failed over and over again. But then as it is said, if you had the darkest night, the morning certainly would be the brightest.

My class 12th result came and I had secured not only a very good percentage but also the highest amongst the 3 of us.

This gave me the confidence that even I could be academically sound. It's been 4 years now but still, nothing has changed. The society still compares me with my brothers on spiritual grounds, they say that my brothers are so religious and I still have only the basic knowledge with me. Frankly speaking, I'm tired of proving myself. I've lost hope that this society will ever accept me the way I'm or will stop comparing my actions with what my brothers are doing. Last but not the least, I’m looking for myself in this big world of hope and hopelessness.

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