We Were In A Happy Relationship Until He Discovered Hidden Truths About My Past

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He broke up with me but still, I love him.

Life is too different in engineering college...girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, etc. keeps on changing every moment in everyone's life. Some get their true love and at the same time, some get hurt. Something similar happened to me.

My 2nd year of B.tech was about to get over when I met him. He was the one I fell in love the moment I saw him. He was also in the 2nd year but in a different department. Even though we were residing in the same college for two years, yet this was our first meet. And I have no clue what happened to me then. I just felt like I needed him then and forever.

I made all the efforts to win his love and he was mine in just three days.

He was so nice and kind to me; he was the most caring. We were happy together and felt like we couldn’t live without each other. I knew if he ever left, I would just be a soulless person in a human body. I was afraid of being separated from him and that’s why I hid some part of my past from him. But I was really loyal in my relationship. He was everything to me. And then, suddenly, it happened.

Within four months, someone had created a huge misunderstanding between us. He opened up my hidden past in front of him in a negative way, and the love of my life was heartbroken. I knew indirectly, it was my fault. I had kept my past hidden from him but it was only because I was afraid to lose.

I tried my best to meet him once and make it all clear but he refused to meet me ever again.

He blocked me. I was very much depressed and it took me over a month to get back to normal. And for that, I would always be grateful to my friends for being there for me. It has been a few months since all this happened, but not a single day goes by when I don’t think about him. I am happy but I still miss him.

Every single night, when I look at the sky full of stars, I just pray for him to be safe.

I really do. No one can take his place in my heart. I miss him, I listen to the music and I cry. Why did this happen to me? We may not be together but I can feel his touch, his love, his care, his everything that he did for me.  

“I love you. I do and will love you till my last breath. It doesn't matter whether we are together or not. This love is the only reason for me to stay alive.”


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