In Hindu Mythology girls were declared as goddess but what we are doing. We are putting them in darkest in our own homes.

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If you really remember what you had been taught in class two, then you are a very lucky person. But when it comes to my mind that what I had been taught, it really memorizes me about the clear wordings told by my ex girl friend. Yes, that is nothing less than a horror story.

She was in class two and she had no idea even about the first alphabet of the word "sex". Yes, she had been sexually harassed for the first time when she was in standard two. And the most ignominious thing is that the boy is not an outsider. He is her own real brother.
This is the age of girl when she didn't even know how to dress properly, reading, writing. But at this age, he was sexually harassed every night. She did not even able to sleep properly. Even in the dreams, she used to see his brother on his body. She waked up horribly every night. Every night, she used to shut off her lips only to save his Brother''s image in front of society. But was it her mistake. I want answers from the readers.

I met her in my third year of engineering and when I stared her very closely for the first time, she is really a good looking. Again I want to ask that "her beauty is her fault?". Within a month or two, I and she was in a strong relationship. It's like that for the first time she was loved by anyone.

She told me the stories of her childhood. My tears were not stopping. She grew up. She reached in class eleventh. But things were same. She was harassed by her brother. Graduation days came in her life. But things still remained same. Again she was harassed very badly when she went home in the semester break. Her eyes are asking like "What was my fault". Even she used to ask me "Is my personality like prostitute". She don't even want to celebrate Rakshabandhan with her brother but she only do because of what the society will think if she won't tie Rakhi on her brother's wrist

We were in the third year and this was her final semester of her graduation. One day she cried and told me that "Harshit I don't want to go back to that home". I used to give him a better support. I used to appraise her hard work and I used to told her that "have faith on yourself, You will not go there. You got admission in M.Sc. Have faith dear". Right now she is pursuing M.Sc. from Chandigarh and she is not at home.

Thing changed a lot and we are not in relationship now. We both are non existent for each other.

But still I used to pray to god that Oh God please protect her from that evil deed.

Being a boy, I want to say to every girl that please don't shut up your mouth if this is happening with you. It's our home from where we start building our future and it's our sisters who used to tie RAKHI on our wrist and we take oath to protect her. Is this our protection. Obviously NO.

So now onward, protect girl, protect world.

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