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A Kiss Outside A Paan Shop Changed The Way I Looked At Life

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Oh, let me take you back to the year 2016, a time that still lingers in my memory like it was yesterday. I was waiting eagerly for my friend at Café Coffee Day in Chembur. Since she was running late, I figured I would kill some time with a cigarette. I stepped outside and noticed a small paan shop adjacent to the cafe. And that’s where my unforgettable encounter began.

As I lit my cigarette, I couldn't help but notice a guy standing nearby.

He was a sight to behold, standing tall at 6'2, with curly natural brown hair and captivating greyish-brown eyes.

What caught my attention the most was his clean-shaven face, almost giving off a radiant glow, and surprisingly, we were dressed almost alike in white floral printed shirts, blue jeans, and boots. Talk about coincidences!

As he approached the shop, I couldn't help but think he was the most handsome guy I'd seen. We exchanged a polite, yet nervous, smile. He lit his cigarette and stood beside me in silence. My heart was racing, and I felt myself blushing uncontrollably. I tried my best to compose myself, but it was evident.

Breaking the ice, he initiated the conversation, asking if I was okay since my face had turned all red. Nervously, I replied that I was just fine. It took a little while for us to dive into a friendly chat, utterly oblivious to the passage of time. And before I knew it, I asked him to join me for a cup of coffee inside. The conversation flowed effortlessly, though I was so caught up in my blushing world that I could barely recall what we talked about.

We spent nearly an hour together, enjoying each other's company. But alas, the clock reminded us that he had to catch a train to head back home. He wasn't from Mumbai; he was here for work and had to leave.

As we stepped outside, he hailed a cab, and my heart sank at the thought of saying goodbye. We hadn't exchanged numbers or social media IDs to stay connected. Nevertheless, the time spent with him left a lasting impression on me.

Feeling lost and emotional, I returned to the same paan shop, hoping to find comfort in another cigarette.

But, to my astonishment, he stood right behind me when I turned around, looking straight into my eyes. At that moment, something magical happened.

Without hesitation, he pulled me close by my waist and kissed me passionately in the middle of the bustling road. It was an unexpected and exhilarating surge of emotions. I felt myself melting in his arms as our lips locked, exploring each other's feelings. It was pure bliss, and for those few moments, the world around us simply faded away.

He held me tightly, his fingers gently grazing my waist and moving towards my neck. Though his touch sent shivers down my spine, he was considerate enough not to make me uncomfortable.

As I tried to pull back slightly, he firmly held the back of my neck and kissed me even harder. It was an intensity of passion I had never experienced before, and it felt thrilling and liberating.

For those ten minutes, we were completely lost in each other, oblivious to everything else around us. It was a moment where time seemed to stand still, and we both wanted nothing more than to live in that very moment together.

No commitments, no demands, just two souls connecting on an inexplicable level.

Eventually, the cab driver's impatient honking snapped us back to reality.

Reluctantly, we released our embrace and looked deep into each other's eyes, knowing that we had to part ways. We said our goodbyes, again, this time with renewed intensity because of the kiss we shared.

After that, we never met again, and a part of me still wonders what became of him. That stranger who kissed me so passionately.

Sometimes, I catch myself daydreaming, hoping for a chance encounter that might bring us together again.

But until then, that afternoon stands as a reminder of the spontaneity and magic that life can bring.

It taught me to appreciate moments of connection and the beauty of living in the present.

And who knows, maybe someday our paths will cross again, and we'll get another shot at that unforgettable connection. Until then, I'll hold onto the memory of my mysterious, passionate stranger with a smile on my face.

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