It Was Not Love At First Sight When Isaac And I Met In LA

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It wasn't love at first sight when Isaac and I met in a bar in Los Angeles.

A week before he moved to another country for work. We were both expecting just a short fling, not just because he was moving, but because he was much younger than me. However, a month after we met, we realized it was something worth putting time into.

Having to communicate through long distances is difficult, which was one of our major problems, but that was also a blessing for us since we learned to communicate in a way that created a stronger bond between us. As partners, we made time for each other and made each other a priority. We shared our dreams, talked about our goals and dreams, and listened to each other's needs.

Date nights, dressing up, and time away from the phones have maintained the spark of our love.

While we have different opinions, we keep an open mind about them even when we are uncomfortable with them. We always listen to what the other person is trying to say.

As individuals, we need to have the space and the time to pursue our interests. To have a thriving social life, we need to engage with our friends and pursue hobbies and interests that we don't necessarily share. Also, it allows us to get together again and find that we have exciting things to talk about. By taking care of ourselves, we can recharge and give to each other.

I believe communication and respect are the most critical aspects of any relationship.

The majority of arguments are caused by miscommunication. Having the ability to speak, listen with intent, and comprehend is very important.

Considering the modern culture of dating and flings, it can be challenging to find true love, but it has also happened to us.

We just have to be willing to invest the time and effort necessary to cultivate a strong relationship.

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