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She Used Me And Then Abused Me, And I Am Still Ready To Take Her Back

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*For representational purpose only.

This story started when we were admitted in Diploma school after 10th. I saw her for the first time and fell in love with her. I was very shy to express my love to her. Before I spoke to her, she was in a relationship with my friend. I didn’t want to hurt their relationship so I did not confess my love to her.

So, time went on. We were in engineering and they got separated in last year of engineering, I got a call from her in valentine week and she told me that she wanted to meet me. She showed her affection towards me but her motive was different. This is how our story started.

She proposed to me on my birthday our relationship started when our undergraduate had been completed. I had to move on to Hyderabad for further studies and she had to sit for CAT exam. So mostly, I used to bunk classes and go to visit her in Nagpur. After six months, on her demand, I shifted to Nagpur for studies.

Every time we met, she had demands for money and possessions. As six months passed, we started our MBA after refusing my parents wish to do MS in foreign studies. Every month I used to visit her after a long night's journey and she would always ask for money and goods.

On Valentine's I gifted her a platinum ring and then her demands got bigger and bigger. During this MBA I got PPO with a good company and she used to get pocket money from me. Then love turned into a transaction story. Every week she wanted money from me. She wanted bags and dresses from me. Whenever I would ask about where she wanted to spend the money, she would tell me- please don’t ask me questions. Please trust me. I am saving this money for us.

But she would spend it on other guys, where she would what she wanted. Within 2.5 year she asked for more than 3.5 lacs and I gave her with trust. She cheated on me with her best friend, her boss, and her so called friend. Whenever I got to know she was with them at night for her lust, she would say, me trust me, we are in a relationship since last 6 years. She told me stay away from my friend and I blindly trusted her. I gave her everything, whatever she wanted and she cheated me for money and lust.

She told me that we should married. I told my parents and they collected information about her and her family background. They rejected my proposal because I hid her past from them. We had a big quarrel at my home, my mother and father were hospitalized for a whole week. I told her I needed time to convince my parents. I lost my family's trust and I was separated from my family.

She wanted me to shift to Mumbai. I joined new job for her in Mumbai in the month of December. Here new story started. She used to ignore me. She told me she is not interested to meet or talk. Sometime she would messages me “chal bhag ke shadi krte hai” and ask me for money. I was so blind in her love that I would give her the money.

One day, I received a call from her new boyfriend and this shattered me because he told me that he didn’t want her to talk to me. He called me to threaten to beat me in front of her. She did not ask him to stop because he had more money than me. After this, she called and told me that I am a beggar and he held more money than my family. During this valentine, after all this thing, again she called one day to ask me for money. Money doesn’t mean love.

I left my job in mental pressure and I don’t have anyone from my family who will trust me. I already lost all my friends. I don’t know anyone with whom I can talk and ask what to do. But this shattered me, the one who I blindly trusted, I have given her my 100% to maintain the relationship, I gave her my loyalty and she broke up with me for his money. I got to know that he abuses her and fenced her for life. He does not give her a chance to even talk to her to best friend.

My advice to her, please live like free bird as you were with me. You shattered my life for money but you can come back to me anytime without hesitation. If you get married, please don’t cheat on him. This will hurt more than 2 families. Love means trust, loyalty and faith on each other, Money doesn’t matter into love. 

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