Life lessons tough times COVID-19

The Lockdown Has Taught Me Life Lessons- The Hard Way.

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I am Alisha(name changed)

I am 19 years old and a student. I come from a middle class family and have been majorly facing financial problems. I have an elder brother who works.

Recently, my mother got a minor heart attack and she was admitted to a hospital. So in this situation of pandemic. all our savings have been used and my father and my brother arranged money from some of our relatives and friends so that my mother could get a treatment.

After discharging her from the hospital we took her to my cousin maternal grandparents house. My father asked for some monetary help from my mother's own brother and he told okay I will transfer the amount I can, but after that we got no reply from him. Some of our relatives are disgusting people. They are indirectly telling us that we also don't have money now we are also facing problems.

I know you people will think that it can be possible but trust me, it is not true at all. I know my relatives. My father is at the verge of crying since we have been facing problems.

But, I realised that people will only respect you when you have money, otherwise they won't.

I am even disheartened that people who we call our relatives are of such type. I have thought that even we will also have one day in our hand and then we will show them that we are not like them.

I just live my life with only one mantra that "Whatever happens, happens for a reason". Wish for my mother's speedy recovery in your prayers.  I am feeling so light after writing this story

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