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It's Time You Start Asking, "What About Me", Without Feeling Guilty

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"What about Me?" ~ This question has been on my mind for quite some time. We live in a world of dreams, love, opportunity, relationships but the question is, are we really living at all? Are all of us doing what is best for us, or what makes us happy?

Since childhood, I believed that everything we do or will do in life is about making us happy and proud of ourselves as well as our family. But ever since I have grown up, it's been all about other's expectations, their happiness.

What if there's one thing that is their happiness but not mine? Then what? What will I choose then? Most importantly, how?

What if it's the choice of life and death? What if that particular decision is about our entire life? If we always think about their happiness, their satisfaction then who will think about us? People say parents always make the right choice for their child, but what if this one time they are wrong

No one, literally no one can always predict or decide what's best for others. The only person who can do that is us. They say, don't overthink. Don't stress, we will choose for you. But how can we not worry, it's our life after all. Our whole life depends upon this decision.

You can have faith in your parents. You should have, but when it comes to your life, your marriage, your happiness, only have faith in yourself. Decide and do what makes you happy, and if they love you enough, they will understand.

Your whole life they make choices for you- your school, your studies, hell even your clothes. But marriage - this is the decision you have to take for yourself. Because you have to live with that your whole life.

Make them understand that it's not about disrespecting them, it's about having faith in yourself. Maybe it's too rude to say but when they are thinking about your marriage it's more about their needs and satisfaction and less about you, because nobody knows you better than yourself.

So, that is the time to ask.. what about me? Parents usually confuse themselves between being disrespectful and putting our point of view before them. All of us face these difficulties. When we make choices for ourselves, we have to face the wrath of our family. But that doesn't mean you are wrong, or that you have made wrong choices. It's just that they are not broad minded enough to understand your choice.

Sometime we have to put ourselves ahead of others when the question is about your life. If they love you enough, they will understand one day. Just remember one thing, don't ever let anyone come in between your happiness.

Its not about being selfish its about self care.. Putting your happiness first once in your whole life.

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