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As My Love Marries Someone Else, I Need Her To Know This

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I fell in love with this girl way back in 2012.

She was quite short but beautiful. She was quite silent but loud enough in her expressions. She is a Doctor by profession but I am an Engineer by profession. Its been a year since I spoke to her on the phone and met her directly, everything was only on chats until last month.

I myself for my own betterment, stopped talking to her. I don't know. Was my Love so easy to give up ? Or am I so easy to give up ? Or was my love not enough which made you take this decision to marry someone else? I always thought, if I loved you more day by day, you would stay with me but today you are ready to leave me for this life.

Thanks for the gift that you have given me!!! :)

Probably this is your last gift to me for loving you more than myself. PS: Gift = Leaving me for this Life. I know you wont be mine and I know that you can't reach me anytime in life because time changes and I will make sure of that.

Your father is a rich man but my father is a great man. You stood up for rich and not for great. I have no hard feelings for you because, you "were" mine once. Once mine is always mine, it never changes for me but it changed for you.

You have a life and I respect that. I know this, but didn't I have a life ? Why was I after you for all these 10 years ? Just because you needed me for all these days? You asked me to stop texting, talking and meeting ? Just because you will have a new life ? You wanted to be good to all the other people but you could hurt me to the core because I can bear? You don't bother what my thoughts are. You only bother about what others think. Where Did I stand for you today?

One thing I ask myself till today, I was ready to fight with whole world for you but you couldn't shout for me at least once!! What a girl I was in love with !! Cheers to myself :)

Last thing, If I knew you would leave me like this all alone, I swear that I wouldn't have loved you this much. Love is not about giving up buddy, but its keeping up. At last all I asked was, I need to have the love in return like I loved you. Which you couldn't do and you can't !!!

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