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How Ego And Pride Have Killed The Child Inside

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*For representational purpose only.

Child Inside

Two strangers in the night,
Filled with ego and pride,

We were friends before,

Now only distances lie forth.

It is the ego and pride,

That cages the child inside.

The heart wants to extend a hand,
The mind shuts it off with a reprimand.

Do you want to be hurt more, it asks?
Where is your pride?
Where is your control?

The heart closes down,
Unspeakable emotions surround.

We are no longer young,

A hardened heart,
And life alone.

We let ourselves tie
In layers of ego and pride,

Sinking the child within.

Deeper and deeper,
It drowns.

Who will break the cycle?
Who will let go off this darn pride?
Who will heal the heart and give it the might?

Needed to awaken the child inside?

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