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Not Your Usual Love Story

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First love #clichémuch?

Years have passed and I still can't believe that I fell madly in love with him! Love can catch you unaware, at the most unexpected places. Grown up with the same cliché right? #metoo.

But after 22 years of leading a seemingly long chain of "expected" events, how can you expect love to be unexpected? Let me tell you a terribly unexpected tale.

The first time I met him, love was the last thing on my mind. Me in a completely new place, he being the classic friendly face, all too comfortable in his skin. Years have passed now, and I cannot remember the number of times I have told him how his eyes light up the moment he smiles. Never knew that smile was just the beginning of the most beautiful relationship of my life.

We began as friends, truly "just friends". Until one day, a casual night out, led to a series of events that truly changed the dynamics. Some years down the line, when 12 AM calls lead to nostalgic trips down the memory lane, we both reminisced about how "being there" through all our lows and highs has become such a part and parcel. That's what love is, right?

But, love is never enough to keep two people together. Sometimes, people meet, fall for each other, yet choose to drift apart. But drifting apart never means that souls can't connect in different ways.

To the world we are good "friends", we choose to call ourselves that too. Yet, in those lonely moments without him on my side, why does the heart yearn for a completely different ending, for a cliché happily ever after?

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