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This Is How You Love Someone With A Past

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*For representational purpose only.

When you love someone with a past,
You are not loving a face, or a body or any physical entity;
You are not craving lust, or for anything that can shatter into a million pieces by just a gentle breeze or even by a raging rainstorm.

You are loving a soul, a heart; something which is so pure that it scares you at times.

When you love someone with a past,
Be ready to face any odds;
'Cause girl, even after all those years of shattered hopes and broken dreams,
He still dared to lay bare his heart to you and trust me when I say this, 
It takes almost all of the universe's power to be able to do that.

When you love someone with a past,

Don't be afraid of the scars that the previous lovers have left on him;

Heal those wounds with soft kisses and let them get buried with time,
'Cause even the smallest of wounds take time to heal.

When you love someone with a past,
Always keep an extra supply of warm hugs and genuine appreciations by your side;
Because there will be days when his past will come crashing over him
To engulf his body in a blanket of darkness.

At that time, make sure that when his hand fumbles in the darkness searching for light, it always finds you.

When you love someone with a past,
Never question his silence.

Never take it as his ignorance or for lack of attention towards you,

He is just trying to figure out how to rearrange the scattered pieces of puzzles
And start all over again, just for you.

It's the words you say, the way you listen is what makes him fall in love all over again.

Don't ask him to erase his past,
Don't ask him to hold back anything that might remind him of her;

Don't be jealous because of not being able to be his first love,

His first kiss or anything "first" for that matter.
Trust me, it doesn't count.

When you love someone with a past, love him with all you've got.

And most importantly, make him believe that falling in love is not something to be scared of.

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